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at 21:00 (bjt) on september 19, 2019, bosideng launched three big series in milan fashion week: "starry sky", "extremely cold" and "vast land", which attracted plenty of domestic and overseas media’s attention and gained the praise from the celebrities and fashion icons.



bosideng down jackets from milan fashion week go on sale from 24th september , now go get one down jacket and be the trendy!



celebrities and fashion authorities gathered at the showroom

celebrities, fashion authoritative persons and international buyers, gathered at the bosideng showroom, together with many fashionistas, felt the details of the products and the charm of originality with heart.

carlo capasa, the sponsor of milan fashion week and chairman of italian international chamber of commerce, said that bosideng is an excellent chinese brand. i saw the strong development of bosideng and the enhancement of global influence. the cooperation of fashion and artists is always very exciting. this time the cooperation with starry artists made the products stand out.



bosideng create new resplendence in milan fashion week

bosideng works together with well-known italian painting artist ottavio fabbri, integrates western romantic art with oriental aesthetics of innovation to create a down jacket with artistic design and practical functions.

three big series of fashion show looks: "starry sky", "extremely cold", "vast land" elaborate the concept of getting close to nature, feeling the collision between ancient civilization and modern science and technology, exploring a better reality. the fashion show presents unique artistic conception in three different natural scenes, and presents a multi-dimensional sensory feast for the audience.

bosideng, with its consistently professional attitude within 43 years, has been continuously pursuing the innovative r&d of craftsmanship and technology of down jacket. it has achieved active demand in 72 countries such as u.s.a, france, italy etc. and has attracted over 200 million people worldwide to choose bosideng.



ergonomic tailoring to create a brand new wearing experience

bosideng combines ingenuity with down jacket’s avant-garde technology, to continuously explore a softer and more comfortable wearing experience. unique sleeve tailoring allows the sleeves to fit the natural radian of the human arms. the wide open hat design, which swept over milan, dissolves the shackles of winter clothing and is more comfortable to wear.



innovative down jackets black technology to fight polar frostiness

bosideng constantly renovates the craftsmanship possibilities of down jacket, and develops the world's leading "black technology".

selection of luxury feather from global feather producing areas such as poland, hungary, czech, china etc., using gore-tex, which is durable, wind and waterproof, breathable; double high density, ultra-fine fiber and anti flush liner design; professionally keep warm and is lighter. each down jacket can pass three extreme tests in bosideng laboratory: 24-hour test at minus 30℃, 15,000-20,000 times of friction test and 10,000 times of zipper sliding test.



bosideng’s milan fashion show is done successfully, the fusion of chinese and western culture presents a down jacket visual feast. bosideng follows the 43-year ingenuity spirit, takes science and technology as life, takes aesthetics as its strength, and takes the attitude of "chinese name card" to move towards the world.

bosideng down jackets from milan fashion week go on sale from 24th september, bringing you the experience of wearing a down jacket with professional functions and artistic beauty.

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