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 what we want is more than made in china. we want invented in china, created in china!


we often hear:

“it’s already very good that china can make a movie like this”

“eh? it’s made in china. it never occurred to me”…


surprisingly, these words often come from chinese people

it seems even we have admitted these to be true

once “made in china” is concerned

the bar is lowered

it’s like we expect a score of 90 from grown-ups

but for the same thing with children, a score of 60 will be awarded


someone used to kid that


“in the world, except for those made by god, the others are made in china”

once a synonym of cheap

now, more and more are found in high-end shopping malls in developed countries


change is in motion

think carefully about the new products bosideng released in recent years

including down jackets made from down-proof fabric and antibiotic down

and china’s first heavily embellished down jackets that are just rolled out

—— extreme coldness collection

we know that, in technology,

we are behind japan, europe and the united states


in models and design

we are rooted in chinese culture

drawing inspiration from extremely cold places

invited international travel expert a-le to genhe

to explore ancient ewenki culture


what bosideng want is more than made in china

we want invented in china, created in china

we want to create new prides of china!


perhaps the extreme coldness collection can only bring out little change

but if it can inspire today’s new people, even in the smallest manner

that’s a job well done

because, compared with the bosideng brand

spirit and creativity of young people

are china’s future

what bosideng wants

is to start a wave of change


we won’t necessarily succeed

but the efforts we put in won’t be vain

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