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uncovering the secrets of warmth, having a good time at disneyland, a look back at those exciting moments from the 2017 warmth vip tour!


when the temperature dropped all of a sudden in december, there was a warm current that made this winter no longer so cold. during bosideng's “a dreamy warm winter, a journey together” vip tour on december 16 and 17, 2017, they retraced the history of bosideng at its headquarters, explored the secrets to warmth and found fun at disneyland with regained childhood innocence. although the two-day journey was too short to retrace every step bosideng took along the way, it brought everyone closer, making this season no longer so cold.


exploring secrets to warmth at bosideng headquarters

the first stop of the tour was bosideng headquarters in changshu, jiangsu. the exploration started with the bosideng history museum. the walk through the museum was one through the development of china’s cold-protective clothing, which has gone through the transformation from only being practical to focusing on the integration of fashion with practicality. the museum bears witness to the transformation of the chinese company from a small oem factory to a world-famous brand, and to its journey from china to the outside world. it is because of bosideng’s perseverance and experiences that bosideng has become an international brand of which china is proud.

behind good quality, there must be better technology. at the bosideng quality inspection center, these vips listened to quality inspectors explaining the quality inspection process, and watched them demonstrating quality inspection. the choice of each fabric, the level of down fill power... to make decisions about these matters, we have to carry out accurate calculation and countless tests. when it comes to advanced technology and instruments, we must be very careful with their operation in every step, so as to ensure excellent performance of every product.

modern and bright intelligent manufacturing workshops adopt swedish hanging system. with skillful operation, workers are seamlessly compatible with the machines, which ensures efficient functioning of the entire workshop. amazed by what they saw, they took out their mobile phones to take photos. they even walked up to the workers and watched the production process.


heart-warming exchange among vips

bosideng has always attached the most importance to consumers and paid close attention to their shopping and wearing experience. for this reason, bosideng founder president gao made a special appearance to meet with and talk to these vips during their visit. when he talked about the history of the bosideng brand, he stressed the importance of quality and consumer experience. in the early years of bosideng, to deal with a customer from beijing who was dissatisfied with the product, bosideng staff travelled from jiangsu to beijing to solve the product problem for this customer. admit deficiencies, continuous improvement, and constantly pursue. bosideng is a company of perspective. it admits its shortcomings, continuously makes improvements and never stops pursuing. that’s why bosideng is shining on the world stage.

when president gao told stories of how bosideng survived past crises, these vips were all amazed at its resilience and spirit worthy of its titan status. president gao said, “keep going, you’ll always be number one.”

vips were also active in sharing their expectations for bosideng during the talk. for example, they made suggestions regarding brand positioning and the launching of remaking service. some vips even suggested transforming bosideng headquarters into a theme town open for public visits. to their suggestions, president gao gave immediate positive response.

after their exchange, the moderator asked these vips for their opinions on a string of specific questions, such as how do you like your experience of wearing bosideng? what do you think of the existing bosideng stores? from which channels do you often make your purchases? what do you think of the posts on our wechat official account? how do you like the current vip rights? what improvements to the rights do you want? each one of these questions is closely related to consumers. these vips spoke sincerely and candidly with the moderator as if chatting with a family member. it is precisely because bosideng genuinely places top priority on concerns of each consumer, and has their best interests in mind that it has won consumers’ hearts, and will, together with the consumers, make the brand stronger.

a day of disney fantasy


the most exciting moment for this vip tour is coming! wearing down jackets from the disney collection, compliments of bosideng, these vips come to the shanghai disneyland to relive their childhood and find the simplest happiness! everyone wears big ears and has fun in various theme parks like kids.

“a dreamy warm winter, a journey together”, the two-day short trip has brought about deep connections between bosideng and these vips. bosideng never stops providing the world with warmth. it not only provides warmth to your body through down jackets, a product category of which the chinese nation is proud, but also provides warmth to your heart with its commitments to perseverance, charity and compassion, fulfilling its mission as a national enterprise. in the future, bosideng will deepen efforts in the category of down jackets and stay committed to its beliefs and responsibilities. we will always be there with you to keep you warm. let’s pass on the warmth to more people together.

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