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 work hard and never forget why you started. forge ahead for a prosperous future!


“reviving the brand and reshaping the future” —— the passionate bosideng family gathered for the grand opening of the 2018 bosideng new year work conference from february 27 to 28, full of confidence to embark on a new journey of brand development.

paying tribute to 2017 and thanking the teams


the bosideng brand has attained remarkable achievements in 2017, with both revenue and profit growing for three consecutive years.


facing the challenge and reshaping the future

faced with new competitions, the bosideng brand is in an urgent need of revival for a greater future.


returning to the beginning and reviving the brand

bosideng will take actions to revive the brand and reshape the future in 2018. we seek to usher in a new bosideng era by boosting brand energy, focusing on core business and building core competitiveness.


winning customers’ hearts and minds, and establishing advantage in perceptions

down jacket expert with strong sales worldwide


over 200 million people worldwide wear bosideng from china!

bosideng has been specializing in down jackets for 42 years

well sold in 72 countries including the usa, france and italy.


realizing dreams with big-picture thinking for a brand-led future

in response to consumption upgrade in an new era, we must not forget why we started, bear in mind our mission and pass on dedication to ingenuity with the aim of becoming a company that is endowed with great missions and can create greater social value.


unswerving efforts will be made to promote the brand positioning strategy. unified and consistent efforts should be guaranteed through unification of ideas and goals and strategy-focused actions. systematic arrangements should be made for improvements on the fronts of brand power, product power and channel power. looking into the future, more resources should be committed for brand building. it is necessary to make sure that our personnel get all of their incomes from the company through an incentive mechanism. we must unswervingly implement the brand positioning strategy for the next three, five, and ten years. we can usher in a new bosideng era through self-awakening, confidence in brand and mission consciousness.


advancing in pursuit of dreams with passion and courage

on the basis of the down jacket expert with strong sales worldwide positioning, corresponding arrangements should be made and core tactics explained in terms of brand, products, channels, image and retail. the arrangements will be interpreted by way of the annual budget.

brand: focusing on strategy positioning, keeping a high profile, maintaining high exposure, winning consumers’ hearts and minds, using public relations and promotion to enhance brand energy, guiding the conversion from traffic to sales, all this in a bid to comprehensively enhance brand power of bosideng

products: all-round upgrade of products should be promoted to match the down jacket expert positioning. a large product management and supply chain system should be established to rapidly improve the efficiency of product operations and create greater value.

channels: focus should be put on improving channel power by promoting channel upgrading and devoting every effort to develop channels of the times. a solid foundation should be laid for the attainment of results of operations through the strengthening of resource allocation in support of the brand positioning strategy.

image: to carry on brand positioning, more resources should be committed to create an expert space image, and support store upgrading and product display, so as to enhance consumer’s shopping experience.

retail: meet challenges head on and keep fighting for the goals with passion. as upgrading brand strategy is imperative, unswerving efforts should be made to carry on and effectively execute the strategy. we should be confident and spare no efforts to attain valuable results.

finance: corresponding to strategic objectives, a variety of matching policies should me formulated and reasonable allocation of resources should be carried out to ensure all-round achievement of the objectives.


fight for a new start

spring festival remarks by chairman of board of directors and president of bosideng group gao dekang


the new era is an era for fighters. happiness is attained through fighting, which in itself is a kind of happiness. never forget why you started. be steadfast about your convictions. while growth is energized through brand upgrading, sustainable development is driven by reform and innovation. we should be a leading force in a brand power in the new era!


the fact that all things on earth compete to flourish motivates people to advance bravely. when the east wind blows heavily, it is a good time to set sail. with the glory of fighters, people at bosideng are showcasing the power of chinese brands through global competition. we are now on the great journey of building a hundred-year brand and conquering the rmb 100 billion down jacket market!


  warming china with love丨bosideng works with yuan li to bring warmth to this winter


this winter is colder than ever. when most people are paying attention to the rare snow in the south, a group of lovely people is quietly following public welfare, bringing warmth to distressed families with pneumoconiosis patients.


on february 9, 2018, bosideng foundation and yuanli foundation co-hosted the warming china with love - down jackets donation ceremony in shanghai. a total of 800 down jackets were donated to distressed families with pneumoconiosis patients in tongren, anhua, lanshan, li county, qiyang, sangzhi, shimen, wugang and you county.


since its establishment in 2016, yuanli foundation has been committed to helping pneumoconiosis patients by donating oxygen machines, funding the education of their children, etc. this winter, their volunteers in the front line raised the idea of providing down jackets to those families whose quilts are so thin that they become transparent in the sunlight.


in the face of such a demand, people turned to bosideng. after bosideng foundation was founded as early as 2011, bosideng group has donated more than rmb 800 million worth of supplies and money in the past seven years, helping over 800,000 people in over 20 provinces across the country. after communication, the two sides reached an agreement to bring warmth and love to this group of people to whom we should be thankful for their contribution to the emergence of the cities.


bosideng even solved the problem of logistics in a meticulous manner. on this, bosideng stressed that “there is only a starting point but no finish line for charity.” it is hoped that through this donation and implementation of the idea of warming the world, more people will start caring about and get involved in charity work. next, the two sides will follow up on the event. further cooperation is possible.


with the help of brand and personal influence, paying attention to social phenomena, they provide help in an accurate manner and make efforts to guide social forces to get engaged in charity work, which shows their sense of responsibility in giving back to society.


* many people have very little idea about pneumoconiosis. here is a brief introduction: according to the latest data, pneumoconiosis accounts for more than 80% of occupational diseases, and has become china's number one occupational disease. people suffering from it may feel difficult in breathing and cannot do labor work. patients in severe cases cannot take care of themselves. it is an irreversible and incurable disease. therefore, it is valuable that ngos and corporate foundations attach great importance to the disease and provide help to people suffering from it.

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