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following the debut at the new york fashion week in september and the release of a capsule collection in collaboration with international designers in october, the professional down jacket brand bosideng announced another big move on its weibo account in november, the launch of a high-end outdoor collection using gore-tex.

meanwhile, gore-tex also announced the collaboration on its chinese weibo account, and stated that it was looking forward to the collaboration.

high-end professional outdoor fabric x


bosdeng's high-end outdoor collection can withstand a variety of harsh conditions outdoors. whether it is minus 30 degrees or wind or rain, they all can be dealt with easily. the high quality of this collection is contributed to the management of the product to the tiniest detail


professional outdoor fabric

the above-mentioned gore-tex, the world's top fabric for outdoor gear, is favored by nasa (national aeronautics and space administration) for its exclusive technologies. the suits worn by astronauts in usa’s first space shuttle columbia in 1981 were made of gore-tex. subsequently, gore-tex was also valued by several top outdoor brands, such as arc'teryx, as the fabric of choice for their outdoor products.


what’s unique about gore-tex is that there are more than 9 billion tiny pores per square inch, which are 20,000 times smaller than water drops, to prevent raindrops from penetrating. and the holes are 700 times bigger than water vapor molecule, so that sweat is easily volatilized through the membrane, making it breathable and comfortable. therefore, it can protect you from wind and rain while maintaining breathability. even in the face of snow or heavy rain, you can still keep walking without any worries.


high-level warmth

in addition to fabrics, quality is reflected in every detail, from inside to outside, of bosideng's high-end outdoor collection. compared with the entry-level 480-fill of common down jackets, bosideng imported from europe 800-fill 5a-grade down for this collection, which has a down content of 90%. infrared technology is also used for thermal storage on the inside, so that warmth can be achieved to perfection, enabling you to cope with extreme outdoor conditions.


special techniques are carried out to keep down from coming out


perfection is achieved in techniques with regards to bosideng's high-end outdoor collection. down is filled grid by grid. liner is seamlessly taped. quilting is done using lock stich so that there are no needle holes on the surface. these techniques are carried out excellently to keep down from coming out.


high technology and professional quality

bosideng teaming up with gore-tex is said to be a strong alliance between two professional brands. while one is named one of the 100 best american products by fortune, the other is a professional down jacket brand that has been committed to down jackets for 42 years, and possesses china’s first national laboratory in the industry, 177 patents, 23 on-going and completed science and technology projects and 3 high-tech product certifications.

every down jacket of bosideng has to go through at least 150 processes. thanks to 42-year ongoing efforts in innovation in areas such as down, fabric, technology and models, bosideng is widely acclaimed for excellence in quality and warmth of its down jackets both at home and abroad. now, bosideng down jackets are being sold in 72 countries, including the united states, france and italy. the strong alliance between bosideng and gore-tex will certainly provide consumers with high-quality products.

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