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innovation and ultralight & thermal tech empowering bosideng to redefine down jacket

on september 21, 2022, the press conference themed “bosideng redefining the light-thin down jacket” was held in shanghai, bringing in a new wave of "revolution" with its big show of the ultralight&thin series.

[photo of the bosideng show]

the bosideng show had attracted many celebrities to witness its blockbuster moment of redefining the down jackets, which is doomed to be a trend-setting event in the industry. actress angelababy, singer and actress jessica jung, chinese famous dancer zhu jiejing, and international supermodel jin dachuan attended the event, along with other fashion influencers, including artist wang zhiyi, wei tian, executive chief editor of harper’s bazaar china and executive editor-in-chief of minibazaar and alex sun, ceo & editorial director of marie claire china.

[group photos of star guests]

at the conference, the company officially interpreted how their latest release had redefined the thin down jacket industry. the designers, inspired by cross-category cutting-edge technology, boldly sought to integrate the designs of down jacket with classic fashion items, revolutionized the design aesthetic with new mixed materials, and tried new artistic quilted lines designs. maintaining its chicness while meeting functional requirements, bosideng delivered its latest designs that had broken through the technical bottleneck of joining different fabrics, and successfully met the market yearning for diversity, chicness, and warmth.

[photo of the model show]

bosideng has won much praise from the celebrities attending the event. actress angelababy yang ying commented, “with 46 years of ‘plowing’ in the field of down jacket, bosideng has shown to the world the strength and innovation of our chinese brand”. another singer, actress jessica jung also expressed her ‘admiration’ for bosideng and confidence in its future leadership in innovating the industry. china’s international super model jin dachuan has always been proud of bosideng, as he said, “i had been lucky to have a closer look at bosideng’s topnotch strength worldwide, and i am sure that its notion of thin down jacket is bound to become a hot topic in the fashion world.”

as a global industry leader in down jackets, bosideng had won two thumbs up from wei tian, executive chief editor of harper’s bazaar china and executive editor-in-chief of minibazaar, and alex sun, ceo & editorial director of marie claire china. both acknowledged that the brand has shown the world the dimensions within reach of chinese brands and they looked forward to another surprise from the brand in the future.

three design innovations five light and thermal technological advances, redefining the light down jacket

in recent years, the light down jacket, featuring “thinness warmth”, has quickly taken the lion’s share in the spring, autumn and winter wear market. however, as the demand for fashion has kept rising, traditional down coat gradually exposes its achilles’ heel—its design, for many years, falls short of variation and innovation due to its monotonous fine quilting technology. and worse still, its basic designs are too rigid to fit in different occasions, failing to meet the customers’ diversified aesthetic needs. to remedy this drawback, some of the light down jackets on market resort to less fill power, thus undermining their thermal performance. taking all into consideration, bosideng believes it is imperative to "revolutionize" the thin down jacket again.

[bosideng brand spokesperson gu ailing in a bosideng ultralight down jacket]

innovation 1: integration with other classic fashion categories

to break the monotony of traditional thin and light down jacket designs, bosideng integrates classic fashion categories such as hoodie and knitting with down innovation to achieve unity of chicness and function.

hoodies enjoy an elaborate category of variations in fashion evolution history. they can be traced back to the middle ages, but they budded in modern fashion world only in the 1920s. seventy years later, the 1990s witnessed its soaring popularity, which they had sustained till this day. in order to better integrate the hoodie design with down fill power, so as to marry comfort, fashion and thermal performance, bosideng, finally adopted an ultra-light scuba knitting fabric after testing more than 60 options. the present delivery is further boosted by an innovative multi-layer insulation technology to ensure softness, breathability and ultra lightness and warmth.

the bosideng design team was also inspired by knitting, a classic and practical thermal clothing category. in order to achieve the seamless joining of the knitted fabric and down, bosideng has painstakingly tried more than 200 types of yarn and finally settled on doris yarn, which is dubbed as "diamond velvet" in the textile industry. through the "seamless weaving technology", bosideng introduced more fabrics into the down jacket industry, enriching customers’ options of down jacket to fit in different occasions. 

innovation 2: innovative stitching techniques of joining different fabrics

paddy-sewing technique is also an important breakthrough for bosideng to redefine the down jackets. drawing upon the ancient stitching technique of "paddy field clothes" in the tang dynasty, the design team fused the essence of chinese fashion into the down jacket, and combined a variety of fabrics with different touches and functions with traditional down fabrics.

due to the difference in shrinkage rate, color fastness and extension between various materials, traditional sewing techniques often fail to achieve a satisfactory visual effect. to address the problem, bosideng has tried hundreds of times, and finally broke through various technical difficulties and enriched the choice of fabrics for designers. the final products delivered can meet the multi-requirements of ultra lightness, thermal performance and fashionable style for a down jacket.

innovation 3: artistic quilting design

to add variety to the traditional "horizontal and vertical lines" stitching designs of down coats, bosideng introduced the artistic quilting designs, featuring abstract geometric patterns. quilting designs originated in marseille, france, and was popular in aristocratic circles. now it had become a common symbol of fashion on the t-stage. the density and arrangement of the quilting lines also affect the thermal performance of the down jackets. the more regular the quilting lines and the denser the stitches, the warmer are the down jackets.

on the basis of the ancient quilting technology, bosideng had experimented with hundreds of layout schemes to find out the most appropriate lines patterns of optimal visual effects. the down quilting lines are interwoven to create a 3d effect, presenting a light and fashionable visual effect, elevating the aesthetic experience of the customers, while fulfilling all the promises to functionality.

the breakthrough in design was further boosted by the successful infusion in the final products of the "five light-warm technology", namely thermal insulation tech on multi-layer scuba knitting fabric, ultra-light fabric for next-to-skin wear, international certified high-quality goose down, professional german needle anti-leakage sewing technique and intelligent coldproof processing. with so many problems overcome, bosideng had definitely redefined the light down jacket.

bosideng’s latest delivery has by far broken the traditional designs and represented the avant-garde technology in the category of down wear. its “redefined version of ultralight down jacket” has won the golden novum design award of france, commonly hailed as one of the top ten design & innovation awards. the award, screens more than 1,000 designs worldwide each year, for the most breathtaking artistic creations around the world. the gold medal speaks to the design capacity and international impact of bosideng.

bosideng’s “redefined version of the thin down jacket” won the golden novum design award in fashion and textile design category.

bosideng’s uncompromising commitment to the down jacket revolution

looking back at the 46 years of brand development, bosideng, with its innovative spirit and constant focus on the forefront of the industry, has ridden with the tides of time and emerged as the world's down wear leader through three major "revolutions".

in 1995, bosideng first proposed the idea of "fashionizing down jacket", took the initiative of its own proposal and turned the trend from "thick, heavy, and swollen" to "light, thin, and chic" coldproof wear. in 2001, bosideng launched a series of down jackets, featuring intelligent thermal techniques, thus ushering in a green coldproof clothing evolution. for the moment, bosideng has generated the third wave of "revolution" by "redefining the light down jacket", so as to seize the fashion voice this autumn and winter and solidify its world's leading position in the industry.

46 years of in-depth engagement in the industry has enabled bosideng, a strong chinese brand, to race ahead the global down jacket market. in 2021, bosideng entered, for the first time, the “top50 ranking of the world most valuable apparel brands 2021” by brand value, which was released by brand finance, an international brand value evaluation authority. meanwhile, as a chinese brand, bosideng was claimed as the no.1 brand in down coats sales globally in terms of both retail value sales and retail volume sales by euromonitor international, an authoritative global market research institution.

euromonitor international claim for bosideng’s no.1 market sales ranking

in addition to its great professional achievements, bosideng has also actively promoted public welfare and fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. over the years, it has donated materials and money mounting to more than 1.2 billion rmb, realizing its vision of bringing warmth to the world with its strength as a global leading manufacturer.

in the future, bosideng is sure to surprise the industry with more originality and innovation, expanding the categories of the industry, and along with more chinese brands, striving for a stronger role on the world stage.