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bosideng new arrivals: high-tech upf80 sun protective clothing

summer is just around the corner. it is time to buy stuff that can offer your skin the best protection from the sun's burning rays. looking to enjoy the wonderful outdoors with high-quality upf clothing? this summer, bosideng brings the best of its kind to the market. rated upf 80 and designed to block up to 96% of uv rays, the new arrivals are set to give you greater sun protection coverage.  

the launch of the summer collection is another breakthrough bosideng has made in the booming industry. it is the result of a new industry standard jointly developed by this chinese brand and a local textile garment testing institute gttc. and it shows how the company keeps pace with market trends to meet the increasing demand for garments with a higher upf rating.


bosideng setting a benchmark for premium sun protective wear market

china's sun protective wear industry has seen tremendous boom in the last few years. the market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4% from 2021 to 2026, and the size is valued at 95.8 billion yuan by 2026. consumers are expecting more professional and fashionable upf clothing that are suitable for not only outdoor activities but also daily use.

to address the lack of unified quality standards and the absence of upf tags, bosideng joins gttc in developing a market standard system to identify four ranks of quality sun protective clothing. this pioneering project will spur the revolutions in sun-protective apparel technologies and reshape the industry.   


bosideng high-tech upf clothing offering all-round protection

this new collection is going to impress more demanding customers with five major high-tech features. the application of advanced apparel tech secures full skin protection from sun damage; the wrinkle resistant fabric offers a smooth touch; a higher level of splash resistance keeps the body dry even in light rain; and you will find it incredibly breathable and comfortable too!


upf or ultraviolet protection factor is used to measure the amount of uv protection a product can provide. the higher the upf factor the better. for this collection, bosideng raises it up to 80 , much higher than the national's highest standard for textiles (upf 50 ). the tech-empowered fabric is expected to shield against 96% of uv rays and provide a greater barrier against sun damage. this series is also extremely cool to the touch, breathable, and easy-care.


all-in-one upf clothing suiting your different needs

from business travel to fashion trend, everyday casual, and outdoors style, bosideng offers a wide array of options for mainstream consumers aged between 25 and 40. a highly desirable upf garment is not all about sun protection. all-in-one clothes with a stylish design, manufacturing quality assurance and the best possible fabric are what today's customers are expecting. get a bosideng summer upf wear now, and you will get everything you are looking for.

in this collection, summer fun is a new favorite for the age group of 25 to 35. this upf 80 series comes in a stylish design and blocks over 96% of uv rays. with a 7.5 cm wider hat brim, a one-piece face shield and extended cuffs, it is designed to protect your head, face and hands from sun exposure. it is especially helpful for outdoor enthusiasts and people who are sun sensitive. just stay protected from harmful uv rays while enjoying the outdoors with our summer fun wear. 


apart from total uv protection, summer fun is also engineered with innovative cooling fabric to keep your skin cool and breathable. you will be amazed at how it effectively reduces summer heat when you soak up the sun and fun outdoors.

summer fun is just as protective as it is stylish. it offers a looser fit, ergonomic tailoring and bright colors, making it a great option for everyday leisure especially for the youth.

if you are looking for upf clothing for more than just business travel or everyday life, there are more on the list. it can be fashionable street wear or outdoors gear that can shield you from the sun. just pick whatever suits you best!


as a trendsetter and innovator in the upf clothing market, bosideng is committed to setting higher standards for apparel tech, functionality, design and fabric to meet consumer demand and drive the high-quality development of the industry. from the launch of pioneering trench-style down jackets to the high-tech qomolangma series, innovation is always the backbone of bosideng's business success and helps bolster its leadership in the global market. in 2016, bosideng became no.1 globally in sales amount and sales volume, according to euromonitor international, an authoritative global market research institution.  

as a 46-year-old apparel brand from china, bosideng sets industry standards for premium sun protective clothing and livens up consumers' summer wardrobe with its rich upf 80  product portfolio. bosideng will continue to stay on the forefront of industry innovation and sustain its business growth while delivering more quality products and services to customers at home and abroad.