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camping with bosideng in its versatile outdoor gear

as a world leader in the down wear market, bosideng is an innovation-driven and customer-oriented company dedicated to improving consumers' quality of life with better products and services. a recent camping trip launched by the group brought together kols in the outdoor fashion world, who dressed up in its versatile spring down coat collection and embarked on a wonderful journey into nature. 

experiencing the best of the outdoors with bosideng 

spring is the best time to explore the nature, and you may need to gear up for a comfortable trip outdoors. well, what could be better than the versatile pieces bosideng brings to market in this season? just take a look at how outdoor enthusiasts enjoyed the company of high-quality products and services we offer in the campground!

fully dressed in bosideng's versatile spring down wear, participants put up tents and had fun with playing frisbee and bonfire. that is how shared interests create a sense of identity and deep bonds.


as the organizer of this outdoor activity, bosideng wins the favor of this group of outdoor lovers. being a strong advocate for carpe diem lifestyle, they are always ready to embrace the nature and a life free from worry.

young people today are under huge pressure in the workplace and daily life. outdoor sports provide an outlet for all those anxiety and stress, as one of the most popular ways to stay healthy and relaxed. the multi-functional spring down wear collection is just another gift bosideng offers to this ever-increasing consumer community. it is a perfect choice for people to take a step out of the fast paced urban life and slow down to simply enjoy the freedom of outdoor adventures.



a one-size-fits-all piece of outdoor down wear leading the fashion trend

looking for a versatile spring down jacket to keep you warm and stylish at outdoor sporting events? try bosideng's new arrivals! they bring outdoor fun to urban life and unlock your passion for exploration in the wild as you like.

in particular, bosideng's amazingly thin and light down apparel is greatly admired by two campers, kuba, a frisbee instructor, and ken, a nature camping enthusiast. what impresses them is that the down jacket is incredibly light in weight and flexibly designed on shoulders. the application of elastic fabrics and 3d ergonomic tailoring makes the apparel a perfect fit for the body and even lighter. insulated with high-quality goose down (fill power above 600), the new collection is a top pick for lightweight down wear to keep you warm in early spring.


ken is more impressed by the casual style of the bosideng outdoor function series. the fabrics are natural and durable, and its design does not merely focus on versatility. this series is made of plaid coated fabrics that provide excellent protection against the wind and rain outdoors, and with high tear resistance, it is arguably a perfect choice for outdoor sports. fashion is another focus of the design besides function. it is so stylish and versatile that you can take it with you everywhere, either it is in the campground or on urban streets.



for globetrotters like amanda and ethan, the bosideng premium windbreaker series is picked as their top choice. the most desirable feature comes from its streamlined pattern that goes well with a goose down undershirt, a simple yet great fit for them. this series is made of gore-tex fabric that is windproof, water-proof and breathable, making the outerwear a good choice in any weather conditions. it is ideal for a wide variety of applications and industries, including aerospace, military and medical services.



the detachable goose down undershirt also allows more freedom of matching. with a piece of bosideng premium windbreaker, you get yourself a down jacket, a wind coat and a down vest! this insulated, lightweight item can simply make a good match with knitwear, shirt or t-shirt.



bosideng premium windbreaker is light, warm, versatile and fashionable. whether you are on business trips or for daily wear, it is right there to surprise you.


seeking growth through innovation and market-driven strategy

consumption upgrading boosts demand for diversified products and the booming of the down wear market. bosideng has been dedicated to the down apparel business for 46 years and developed strong capacity in independent innovation. the group is committed to upgrading its products, design and technologies to meet the evolving and diverse needs of its customers.


in 2021, bosideng was the industry's first to bring windbreaker down jackets to the market. it is a new category that combines both the styles and advantages of windbreakers and down coats. this innovative one-piece design retains the flavor of a classic british-style wind coats. you can easily tell from its vent, belt and windshield design at the back. in this niche market, bosideng wins over business groups who are looking for insulated and stylish winter wear.


innovative bosideng windbreaker down jacket series


bosideng is more than an expert in down wear innovation. as a technology-driven enterprise, it keeps investing in developing more professional thermal gear. since 1998, bosideng has been a great partner of chinese everest expedition team and chinese antarctic scientific expedition team. in 2019, the group's newly launched down coat, qomolangma ⅰ, received the gold award of the china excellent industrial design award. in 2021, another masterpiece qomolangma ⅱ hit the market and became the first of its kind to apply aerospace tech and four-layered insulation & temperature control technology. it is 15% remarkably warmer and performs better than the market benchmark. ci luo, vice leader of the chinese mountaineering team, speaks highly of bosideng qomolangma ⅱ. he said, “we are so proud to wear a national brand, and the down wear keeps us warm especially in extreme weather.” 



bosideng supported the chinese antarctic expedition team in its 38th mission

bosideng has been committed to developing its key brands in major down wear business. while strengthening its presence in the market, it will grow its business with stronger independent r&d and product innovation capabilities, and contribute to the high-quality development of the down wear industry as a whole.


in addition, bosideng pays as much attention to market demands and industry advancements as the sustainable development of the company. so far, significant progress has been made. bosideng was upgraded to “bbb” from “bb” for its environmental, social and governance (esg) performance in the latest assessment by morgan stanley capital international. a higher esg rating considers bosideng to be more resistant to risks, and also more likely to secure sustainable growth and attract investments.



bosideng's esg rating jumping to bbb


in august 2021, bosideng became no.1 globally in sales (both in sales amount and sales volume), according to euromonitor international, an authoritative global market research institution.

these achievements help expand bosideng's corporate presence beyond the capital and consumer markets within china, and establish its visibility in global markets. this international brand has now become a benchmark for the internationalization of chinese brands.


bosideng is rated as world's no. 1 down garment producer by euromonitor international


for years of development, bosideng has been forging ahead through product changes and innovation to suit consumers' needs and inject new vitality into the industry. in the future, bosideng will open up new possibilities for the development of down apparel business and race ahead in the market as a pioneer.