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bosideng launches new spring multifunctional down jacket, a versatile layer to unlock infinite outdoor possibilities

although spring has arrived, rain and snow have hit most cities of the country. low temperatures and variable weather conditions have kept people huddled in and away from spring warmth, which makes warm, rainproof, and windproof clothing a necessity for outdoor travel. therefore, down jackets are still the main product in the early spring that consumers would select to keep warm and protect themselves against cold. bosideng now launches the spring multi-functional down jacket, a balanced design with great thermal capacity and protection against various weather conditions. a perfect fit for young people at the age of 25 plus and business elites aged 30 plus, the new outerwear responds to the in-season needs of the target groups for outfit flexibility across scenarios, including business travel, urban outdoor activities, and leisure sports.

both functional and fashionable, a great choice for travel in the early spring 

spring is the season of the unknown, where cold and warmth change rapidly and the turning weather conditions often catch us off guard. in response to the dynamic weather, bosideng launches the spring multi-functional down jacket, a versatile and fashionable design for consumers that easily fits in various occasions.

the new spring multi-functional down jacket comes in three sub-collections, namely premium windbreaker, urban outdoor, and premium ultralight, all of them goose down-filled, light and warm, and offering professional protection against cold. it is worth mentioning that the three collections have made bold innovations in fabric, color, and style to create a seasonal piece that is comfortable and cool at the same time. in addition, the versatile ways of wearing premium windbreaker and urban outdoor address multiple occasions including business scenarios and urban outdoor activities, offering more outfit inspirations to consumers in their early spring wardrobe.

the premium windbreaker collection creates a uniquely upscale and structured style with simple lines of a trench coat and a goose down liner. crafted with elevated professional techniques, the new collection offers an expert level of warmth and protection to business elites. the trench-style jacket adopts the gore-tex functional fabric, which is known for its windproof, water-resistant, and breathable qualities and is widely used in a large range of professional activities and conditions, including outer-space, military, and medical applications. when more rainy and snowy days come in the early spring, the windproof and water-repellent gore-tex fabric provides business commuters with a warm shield against the elements. the good breathability of the material also allows for sweat vapor to pass through the gear faster and keeps the body feeling comfortable and cool at any time.

bosideng premium trench collection

the premium trench collection is a stress-free and stylish layer for business elites to wear on multiple occasions. the handiness in cleaning and care also makes it a preferred choice among business travelers. moreover, the collection has a detachable goose down liner which offers three ways of wearing, a down jacket by default, it can be changed into a trench coat or a goose down vest once detached. warm and slim fit, the design is easy to team with a knitted sweater or a shirt and creates an elevated classic style. this lightweight, warm and chic garment with moderate functionality is very suitable for business people during travel and daily commute routines.

bosideng premium trench collection

a combination of thermal protection, fashion, and outdoor wear, the urban outdoor collection caters to the outfit requirements of mainstream young fashion followers at the age of 25 plus in urban outdoor activities. the covid-19 pandemic has led to new lifestyles such as going on day tours to nearby places and engagement in urban outdoor adventures. the cargo-style design of bosideng's new urban performance collection is a great fusion of outdoor function and modern fashion that curates a balance between outfit style and practicality. the plaid laminated fabric used for the collection is not only windproof and waterproof but also tear-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor sports that require high abrasion resistance clothing. the trendy palette of outdoor colors offers an additional in-fashion appeal. a fashionable and cool piece, urban outdoor can be worn with the goose-down liner from the same collection and meets the needs of the young in cities for outdoor activities and urban sports.


bosideng urban performance collection down jacket

the premium ultralight collection is a purpose build for white collars and business elites. with a fill power of 600 plus high-quality goose down, the jacket is ultralight and warm. the hybrid construction of high-stretch fabrics allows for great comfort and flexible movement, enhanced by the technique of draping, which offers a fit style and even more weightless look. in the cold and brisk season when the temperature just starts to rise, this ultralight and warm down jacket with an elegant touch of refinement comes as a timely replacement for heavy and clumsy winter jackets. whether it is daily commuters or leisure travelers, the new collection provides them with a warming feeling and effortless experience.

bosideng premium ultralight collection down jacket

with distinct features in fabric selection and design, the three collections respond to different target groups, allowing consumers to find the best down jacket that suits their outfit ideas and daily needs, where down jackets become an embellishment for people's premium lifestyle.

driven by product innovation and brand upgrading, bosideng ascends to leadership in the world

while insisting on product and design innovation, bosideng sticks to its strategy of "focusing on its principal business and core brand. driven by product innovation and brand upgrading at the same time, bosideng consolidates its global leadership and earns the recognition of consumers around the world with a strong brand and product capacity."

on the product side, the company spares no effort in research and development, design, and innovation of down jackets, ushering in technological improvements for the category beyond the borders thanks to cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality. in november 2021, bosideng launched mountaineer 2.0, where for the first time in history, aerospace technology was used in down jackets. the breakthrough is a true manifesto of the excellent research and development capacity of the company. in addition, bosideng participated in the formulation and revision of a great number of international standards, making due contribution to the development of the industry.

bosideng mountaineer 2.0

bosideng's expertise in professional protection and functional innovation has earned received high recognition from professional users. in 2020, bosideng launched its professional collection, which supported the chinese antarctic expedition team in its 37th scientific expedition to the antarctic. in 2021, bosideng joined the chinese antarctic expedition team again in its 38th mission. xia boyu, a professional climber from china and the first double leg amputee to climb mount everest once said, "just like the chinese people climbed mount everest, i am proud that a chinese brand is able to claim the high ground in the international arena and become a global leader."

bosideng supported the chinese antarctic expedition team in its 38th scientific expedition to the antarctic


along with the upgrade of professional expertise, bosideng also effectively responds to the needs in the consumer market. in october 2021, bosideng pioneered in launching the trench-style down jacket, a perfect balance between form and function and an ideal down jacket to wear on business occasions. the launch tapped into a new blue ocean to booth growth in a new category and demonstrated the brand's vibrant innovation capabilities.

bosideng trench-style down jacket


in terms of branding, bosideng was among the first to initiate the concept of "making down jackets fashionable" and lead the first fashion revolution in the down jacket industry. later on, as a leader in the sector, bosideng also published to the world its trend insights on behalf of winter outerwear in china. for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, bosideng was invited as an independent brand to show at the most prominent fashion weeks in the fashion capitals of the world; including new york, milan, and london, showcasing the growth and strength of a chinese homegrown brand. in 2019 and 2020, bosideng worked twice with jean pual gaultier, one of the most influential and treasured designers in france, to launch collaborative designs. it also work with a number of renowned designers from overseas countries, including japan and italy, to explore innovation and infuse new energy into the brand development. 

bosideng’s show during milan fashion week

the perseverance and innovation of bosideng in the down jacket industry have been well recognized, which also becomes the cornerstone for it to become a global leader. in august 2021, euromonitor international, an influential research agency, claimed bosideng to be the no.1 brand globally in sales, further consolidating its leadership in the international market. in december 2021, bosideng held the "leader of china down jacket industry" live theatre show, a further demonstration to consumers of the brand's strong professional expertise and capacity in branding and product innovation.

euromonitor international claims bosideng no.1 globally in down jacket sales


corporate social responsibility is an essential part of the development of a company. over the years, bosideng has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities and realized growth alongside the home nation. during the pandemic, bosideng offered 300 million down jackets to help those fighting on the frontline against the covid-19. in october 2021, it urgently mobilized supplies and cash worth 50 million yuan to support the reconstruction of the afflicted areas in shanxi province. according to statistics, bosideng has made donations of cash and supplies worth more than 1.2 billion yuan to the society, undertaking its social role in a responsible manner.

bosideng offers warm support


the host of the winter olympics brings sports on ice and snow to public attention. for down jackets that are essential gears for winter sports, there is a foreseeable blue ocean market. as a professional down jacket brand with a history of 46 years, bosideng stays true to its mission, constantly improving product quality, innovating design, and demonstrating the strong momentum of a fast-growing brand. we look forward to the homegrown company making new breakthroughs and innovations in the down jacket sector and leading the industry to explore a more extensive blue ocean market.