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with the pioneering trench-style down jacket, bosideng continues its leadership in the industry through innovation

on october 27, bosideng held its "pioneering trench-style down jacket collection show" in shanghai. as the first immersive fashion show in china, the runway merges four major scenarios from the past to the future, expressing the mesmerizing aesthetics of trench-style down jackets across different times. the audience was wowed as bona fide burberry star models appeared on the catwalk, elegantly exuding a charming sense of the signature design of the new trench-style down jacket collection. 

it was a star-studded night, where the front row of the show was filled with china's most glamourous faces in the fashion world, including celebrities and influencers such as tong yao, hu bing, laurinda ho, and li jiaqi. alex sun, ceo & editorial director of marie claire china, wei tian, executive chief editor of harper's bazaar china and executive editor-in-chief of minibazaar, xiao xue, elegant lifestyle influencer, and angelica cheung, venture partner at sequoia capital china also attended the event, witnessing the creation of the new trench-style down jacket category and speaking highly of the show and the innovative design.


using the trench-style down jacket as the clue for storytelling, the show revisited the english romance of audrey hepburn in a minimal looking trench coat with classic lines in breakfast at tiffany's (1961), reinvented what was trendy in the 1980s hong kong streets, depicted the modern business style of urban elites in the cbd of shanghai in the contemporary time, and finally offered an outlook on the winter fashion of the future world. with four chapters and four scenes, the show told the story of the evolution of outerwear fashion across half a century.


the pioneering trench-style down jacket, a great fusion of eastern and western functional fashions

as consumption continues to expand and upgrade, there is a rising demand among consumers for the diversity of down jackets. for business elites, in particular, there has not yet been an option in the market that offers a good balance between form and function and caters to the need for a formal dress code. with such insight on market demand, bosideng worked closely with master designers to explore trench coat ideas and inspirations, where dialogues were created between the cutting-edge design in the international fashion market and the expertise of established down jacket brand, giving birth to the concept of the "trench-style down jacket". first-of-its-kind, bosideng"s pioneering design combines the advantages of the trench coat and the down jacket, two classic categories. the revolutionary project was led by pietro ferragina, creative director of bosideng, a master designer from italy who has worked with a number of luxury houses, including armani, versace, and prada. russell delaney, former design director at burberry, the brand known for its global fashion icon of the quintessential british trench coat, also supported the curation with inspiring input.


in an interview with pietro ferragina, the seasoned designer revealed that the new trench-style down jacket is the result of a two-year journey to make it truly warm, slim cut, and formal-looking with a high level of protection and chicness. "we had over 150 design sketches with over 80 times of trials and errors in each module including design, down filling, material selection, pattern, and 100 times of tests and experiments before we were able to deliver the current trench-style down jacket collection."


the new trench-style down jacket carries innovations and breakthroughs in four aspects, namely design, technology, material selection and how it fits the body shape.

the existing so-called trench-style down jackets one would find in the market are merely traditional trench coats with an extra “down layer”, which is too basic and feels heavy. bosideng"s pioneering innovation, however, abandons the traditional “split” design of a down jacket and keeps the one-piece style of a classic trench coat, retaining the traditional elements such as the split back bottom, waist belt, and wind blocker at the back. by introducing a calm and elegant form on top of warmth and protection, the new design meets the need for winter fashion among high-end business elites.  

the innovative design creates challenges on production technology. to fully retain the classic elements of the trench coat and incorporate them seamlessly with the down jacket, bosideng creatively differentiates down filling by areas, where the local filling power of the chest, hip, and back differs completely from one another with a direct filling technique used for the internal fabric lining to ensure the garment is stylish, comfortable, warm and protective from the elements. the complex technical process includes more than 52 garment parts for each one of the trench-style down jackets, taking up to 960 hours in production with 150 steps in the procedure.


to achieve true chicness and protection at the same time, bosideng has explored all possibilities in the choice of fabrics. in addition to customization, the team tried more than 52 types of fabrics to gain optimal style and functionality. the ultimate design delivered adopts a combination of fabrics that are not only windproof and rain-resistant but excel in breathable, anti-bacterial and crease-resistant features.


moreover, traditional trench coats tend to fit a more western body ideal and lack considerations for the body shape of asians. by taking advantage of its library of over one million clothing styles, bosideng created 3d modeling and carried out an all-round analysis on body shape statistics. with its 45 years of down jacket expertise, it has managed to create new smoother and cleaner styles that fit better the body shape of asian men and women. the new trench-style down jacket also creatively adopts the "princess line" in italian haute couture to lend a formal elegant look. the use of stretch fabric, on the other hand, enhances the comfort of the garment as daily wear for urban business people.


the collaboration between bosideng and internationally renowned master designers combines the strengths of the classic western and eastern designs and breaks the boundaries of down jacket design, creating a new chapter in the development of this specific category. the success of the collaboration will usher in a long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future and generate greater values.



creating a new down jacket category, bosideng targets the untapped market space

the down jacket category represents a huge market with a positive outlook with china's down jacket market expected to reach 162.1 billion yuan in 2022. the huge market potential has created opportunities for a great many brands. meanwhile, the competition among top performers is becoming more and more intense. according to the statistics, 80% of the global market is seized by the top 20% of the brands.

in august 2021, bosideng becomes no.1 globally in sales, both in sales amount and sales volume, according to an influential report published by euromonitor international, an authoritative global market research institution. the report indicates the leading position of bosideng in the market with excellent performance. faced with sharp competition, the brand has forged ahead through product and technology innovations, a key factor to drive long-term growth and bring in greater market space.


the strategic decision to focus on the down jacket and target young people as the main consumers bosideng made in 2018 has become a powerful engine that propels the growth and expansion of the brand. based on the core strategy, the devoted and professional down jacket house enhances product segmentation on a continuous basis, launching the mountaineering collection, skiing collection, extreme cold collection, fashion collection and business collection. the product change and innovation have met the needs in different scenarios and won recognition from both consumers and professional institutions. the pioneering trench-style down jacket unveiled by bosideng this time satisfies the need to be fashionable and business-oriented at the same time. a bold innovation, it navigates the brand into untapped market space.

in addition, the trench-style down jacket is another great fusion of eastern and western cultures and technologies and helps chinese brands to become more visible and impactful in the fashion realm.


a global leader in down jackets, bosideng brings warmth to the whole world

with leading advantages in dedication and professionalism, bosideng is committed to keeping itself in line with the times and maintaining active communication with rich and diverse fashion cultures. what lies beneath the innovation and growth is the brand's vision of bringing warmth to people around the globe.

recently, the flood-hit areas in shanxi province suffered from a worsening impact of continued cold waves. how to keep people in disaster-stricken areas and relief and reconstruction workers sent there has become a real challenge. responding efficiently to the demand of fighting against the cold weather, bosideng has donated supplies and cash worth 50 million yuan to bring warmth and hope to the afflicted areas and support the flood control and reconstruction efforts. previously in 2020, bosideng also donated 300 million down jackets to help those fighting on the frontline against the covid-19, a demonstration of the responsibility and capacity of a major company.


moreover, as a leading down jacket brand from china, bosideng has greatly enhanced the visibility and impact of chinese national brands on the international stage. the mountaineering collection developed and launched in 2019 by bosideng set the highest global standard for down jackets. by offering professional cold-proof gears under extreme weather conditions to the chinese antarctic research expedition and the chinese mountaineering expedition, the brand contributed to the national cause of polar research. each year from 2018 to 2020, bosideng was invited to new york fashion week, milan fashion week, and london fashion week as an independent brand, where it demonstrated to the world a chinese brand’s professionalism and design strength and established itself as a leader from china in the global market.


as a 45-year-old devoted and professional tech wear brand, bosideng is committed to high-quality down jacket design and development, making innovation a core driving force for growth and an indispensable part of its brand identity. also, bosideng stays true to its original vision and is committed to honoring its corporate social responsibilities. it has become a top performer among chinese brands to win the recognition of international audience and make due contribution to the rise of china. it has played a demonstrative role for chinese brands in terms of product change and innovation, social responsibility, and support of national research expeditions. in the future, with a leading edge in technology and quality, bosideng expects to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the down jacket industry and keep its leading position in the global market.