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a global leader in down jackets
celebrating a series of remarkable achievements, bosideng has established itself as a strong leader in the global market.
a leading brand in down jacket sales in china for 26 consecutive years. on behalf of china,
bosideng publishes annual reports on latest trends in coldproof apparel to the world for 22 consecutive years.
the brand has become a favorite across 72 countries, including the united states, france and italy.
a trailblazer in down jackets, bosideng has led “three revolutions” in the industry.

leadership and readiness for change

as a visionary, bosideng is committed to exploring and innovating in the realm of fashion.
with dedication and patience, bosideng aims to become the world's legendary leading apparel house.

a favorite brand of down jackets across72countries including the united states,
france and italy worn by over 200million people around the globe